Stevia Extract

Stevia extract is an extremely sweet, zero calorie, safe nutritional supplement that can help control blood sugar, particularly in people with hypoglycemia or diatbetes. Research has shown that stevia extract may substantially increase glucose tolerance, while preventing glucose absorption. As an added benefit, those who use stevia extract daily often report a lowering in their want for junk foods. Stevia extract may also aid in digestion, calm upset stomachs, and help in the recovery of other minor ailments. For these reasons, stevia extract is particularly useful for those on a strict diet or nutrional regiment.

Aside from internal use, topical application of stevia extract can help soften the skin, while acting as a wrinkle-smoothing agent, hiding or healing skin blemishes such as acne, eczema, and dermatitis. For immediate use, it can also help rapidly heal open wounds without scarring.

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